Who? All CSD Staff

What? Staff-only yoga classes (no charge for staff to participate)

When? Tuesday afternoons (starting TOMORROW)

Session 1: 3:30-4:15pm

Session 2: 4:30-5:15pm

Where? CHS Dance Studio (we’ll have signs pointing you in the right direction)

Why? Relax, unwind, breathe, and improve flexibility and strength.


Please fill out this form if you would like to attend: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeySlsAjGaSDkqEs0jLcUjfLoLfqFqXayEKbTHaLXCsl77DNg/viewform?usp=sf_link


Classes will be designed for all levels of experience with yoga.

About our instructor: In addition to being an incredibly awesome teaching and learning coach at CMS, Kyle Stern is a nationally certified yoga instructor with over 200 hours of professional training and is registered with the Yoga Alliance at the RYT200 level. His journey into yoga started in 2007 with a video from Gaiam featuring Rodney Yee teaching a basic yoga class. Since then, he’s studied many systems of yoga including Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha, Iyengar, and Vinyasa. Having attended formal teacher trainings, workshops, and countless classes in the Kansas City region, Kyle has learned that the practice of yoga is multifaceted and can lead to a greater awareness of the connection between body and mind. The inner peace and heightened awareness that are the result of yoga practice keep him coming back to his mat and he is excited about sharing that connection and awareness with you.


Having taught in small settings with friends and family and at private gyms, he’s excited to facilitate yoga classes for Center School District staff.  Classes will be 45 minutes in length and focus on poses that are suitable for any level of student and will include a guided meditation at the end. Feel free to ask questions about poses and deepen your understanding of yoga. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat.  (We will have a few extra mats available, but may not have enough for all.)

All attendees must fill out the form linked above and here prior to class.