Nominate a colleague for the Yellow"Jacket" Inspirational Leader Award!  Yes, we know yellowjacket is one word, but not this award.  You'll see why!

The first and only (so far!) award was given to Ms. Mary Kriegel for her help as our yoga instructor for staff and her work with student yoga classes.  

Your nomination doesn't need to be for something "big."  It can be simple, someone who:

  • Encourages/motivates others to take care of physical/mental health
  • Goes above and beyond for our building:
    • volunteering
    • leading fun activities
    • encouraging students to be healthy (physical and mental)
  • Has accomplished a big goal 
  • Is always positive even in adversity
  • Mentors/helps, etc.
  • Is always willing to help with (fill in blank)
  • is simply kind
  • etc. etc.