Resources for identifying Smart Snacks

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Shopping List (This is NOT an exhaustive list - we will add to it periodically and if you find things that meet guidelines we should add, please share.)

Please see the following resources for help identifying acceptable food items that meet "Smart Snacks" guidelines.  You can check any item here:

Costco - approved items available for purchase:

Helpful lists from other districts:

Let’s Be Successful with Smart Snacks!

The Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards have been in effect since July 1, 2014! Here are a few reminders:

The U.S. Department of Agriculture finalized the rule for nutrition standards for all foods and beverages sold to students during the school day. The Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards apply to all foods and beverages sold to students outside of the school meals programs – including vending machines, a la carte, school stores, snack carts and in-school fundraising.  This includes items “sold” or traded as rewards or in rewards stores. 

Smart Snacks are in effect for the entire school day (midnight before to 30 minutes after the end of the school day) across the entire school campus.

Smart Snacks applies to in-school fundraising. Foods and beverages sold to students as fundraisers during the school day must meet Smart Snacks nutrition standards. Our state agency has set the number of exempt fundraisers at five, one-day events (five total days). There are no limits for non-food fundraisers or fundraisers that include foods and beverages that meet the Smart Snacks standards.

Smart Snacks does not apply to foods served, such as classroom celebrations and during evening, weekend or community events. Lists of safe foods will be provided to parents by building nurses.  However, our District Wellness Administrative Procedures, adopted by the Board of Education on 9/25/17 state: 

All foods and beverages the district provides or makes available to students during the school day will meet or exceed the Smart Snacks nutrition standards. This includes, but is not limited to, foods and beverages provided or made available to students for celebrations, classroom parties and birthdays, regardless of the source of the food. The district will provide parents/guardians and district employees a list of foods and beverages that meet the Smart Snacks nutrition standards and a list of healthy party ideas, including nonfood celebration ideas.

Foods and beverages should not be used as a reward or withheld as punishment.

As recommended by our Food Service program audit (USDA), we are requiring groups that provide students with food for celebrations, etc. to document them here:

Our district is fully committed to insuring compliance with the Smart Snacks standards. We also want to make sure you have the tools you need to find compliant products. Check out the following tools from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation:


Students who are well nourished are better prepared to learn. By implementing consistent nutrition standards throughout all corners of the school building, we are enhancing the learning environment and contributing to the overall health and well-being of our students. 

In addition, consistently providing healthier foods and beverages outside of the cafeteria will build on the great strides being made in the cafeteria.