Week 9 - It's the Home Stretch.  

This week, review your food and activity journals.  Not keeping up with it?  Make it your goal to start again - now!  Review your journal and find 3 things you are doing really well consistently.  Write them down and pat yourself on the back.  Now, find 3 things you could do better.  Is it sleep? exercise? vegetables? water? Are you letting too much sugar creep back in?  Really review your daily plan.  Pick one thing you could do better.  Try to make it something that complements what you already do well.  

If you really fell off the wagon, take this moment to reflect on why.  What got in your way?  Old habits? Lack of support from family? Friends? Stress?  Can you identify your triggers?  if so, I may have some strategies for how to help.

Need help with any area?  Please let me know!  I might have some tips or tricks or at least be able to point you in the right direction :-).

DRop 10 - Don't forget to log your change.