Week 8

Focus on SLEEP...

Did you know it's nearly impossible to maintain a healthy weight when you're not sleeping adequately?  Inadequate sleep increases stress hormones, leading to inflammation and cravings.  In addition to hormones causing us to eat more when we're tired, we're less likely to exercise (just too tired) and we crave the energy-burst or sugar-high that not-so-healthy foods bring us. 

This week,

1. Make a plan: pick one or two or all of the tips in the link below and plan how you'll try to incorporate them tonight. 

2. Think about how you can de-stress and de-clutter your nighttime routine. 

3. Write down your plan of action and follow it!

See ideas for better sleep and tips and tricks here:


If you truly have trouble sleeping and none of these are helping, sign up to work with a sleep coach (yes, it's real!). This is a free service through BlueKC and/or New Directions


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