WEEK 3 Spring Clean and Drop-10 Challenges

Welcome to Week 3. Time is flying by – have you completed your weeks 1 and 2 goals?  If you have not tweeted #fit58 pics or sent any to the group (by way of mkruse@center.k12.mo.us or your building leader), please do!  It’s inspiring to see others taking the challenge!  Have you sent me your workout logs?  (Not a requirement, but I have some movie tickets to draw a name for!)

Week 3: Hydrate!  Drink adequate water and dump sugary drinks, sodas of any kind, and sweeteners in your drinks.  I know this is hard.  I know that nothing hits the spot like an afternoon diet coke… until you’ve given it up for a while… Once upon a time, I was a case of diet coke a week girl, so trust me – I understand. 

How to give up soda for good:

  1. Believe in the “why.” Reasons you’re doing this:

    1. You want more energy;

    2. stronger bones (phosphorous in soda leaches calcium from your bones – soda drinking linked to osteoporosis and fractures – even in children;

    3. you don’t want to be addicted to something – believe it or not, diet coke has been shown to be more addictive than cocaine. (In one study, rats were addicted to cocaine and diet coke. Then, both were taken away for a period of time. Which one do you think the rats chose when offered bottles of both? Yep, the diet coke.)

    4. you want to lose weight. In all my time in the outpatient clinic, I never worked with a patient that successfully lost weight and kept it off that drank diet soda (or regular).

    5. You want to save some money. Put the money you would have spent on soda in a jar. Buy yourself some new workout shoes with it.

    6. You LOVE the way you feel when you’re hydrated and soda-free!

    7. You want less headaches.

    8. You want fruit to taste like dessert. Sugar substitutes can be up to 1,000 times sweeter than sugar. When you’re used to a taste that is 1,000x sweeter than sugar, you’re going to crave sweet. Fruit and other “real” food tastes sweeter when you’re not used to sugar subs.

  2. Commit. No “cheat days.” No “maybes.” Just give it up. Some people can successfully wean, but for many, cold-turkey is easier.

  3. Stay hydrated. When you hit the 2:00 slump or your normal diet coke time, have a big glass of water instead.

  4. If caffeine withdrawal is the issue, try unsweetened ice or hot tea. Coffee is okay, too, but none past noon – you want to sleep well!

  5. Try a sparkling water – I like La Croix, but the Target brand is my favorite – blueberry is really good!

  6. Flavor your water – add cucumber, berries, orange slices, lemon, lime, just no sugar or sugar substitutes.


Drink more water! It feels so good to be hydrated!  Adequate hydration can help you:

  • Lose weight

  • Keep headaches away

  • Flush toxins from the body

  • Clear your skin

  • Clear a “fuzzy” head

  • Clear congestion

  • Keep you healthy – less colds/flu/illness

  • Keep your eyes moist

  • Feel more energetic!

  • Etc, etc, etc!

How much water do you need: a good rule is about ½ your weight in water daily – pounds to ounces.  I weigh 140lbs.  I need 70 oz.  However, I have asthma and take allergy meds and an inhaler that dries me out – I need more because of this.  I also like to run and workout – I need more because of this.  Make sure your urine is always pale yellow-clear.  Bright or dark yellow or foul smelling – drink water!

  • How to get that much water in:

    • Start in the morning. Wake up, use the restroom, weigh yourself (if you do everyday), and then do NOTHING else until you’ve had 12 oz of water. Keep a bottle or glass in the restroom or by your bed. This will invigorate you even more than coffee!

    • Carry a large tumbler or bottle with you at all times and refill it throughout the day. You’ve probably seen me with my giant QT cup. I like it because it holds 54 oz of water and still fits in the cup-holder of my car (a must).

    • Snack on pumpkin seeds. I like Trader Joe’s brand. In-shell or shelled (called pepitas without the shell), pumpkin seeds are a great source of protein, healthy fat, and magnesium. They also have the same effect on the body as the leading drug for overactive bladder. Try ¼ cup daily to keep from waking up to use the bathroom all night. J

    • Use an app. There are several good water reminder apps. Try one!

    • Drink when you feel hungry, tired, headache-y, etc. Dehydration can cause all of these things!

    • Have more tips? Share them via email or twitter: #fit58.

What about tea and coffee? Unsweetened tea and black coffee (or add almond milk or unsweetened coconut milk) are fine.  Just be sure to drink water, too and limit or avoid caffeine after noon.  If you really want to #Drop10 or #SpringClean, adequate sleep is VITAL.

Questions? Comments?  Send me an email.  I can share your questions or suggestions with the group to help us all succeed!