There are a variety of plans to follow!  Below, are 4-week and6-week training plans.  If you are a seasoned walker/runner, you can jump right in.  Please remember to hydrate!  Drink water throughout the day and make sure you are hydrated (your urine is pale yellow to clear) before beginning.  Drink water during exercise as needed and drink water after.  The only time you need a sports drink is when you are exercising strenuously (dripping sweat) for more than an hour - none of these plans require that.  For four-week training plans, click on the week # above. 

Week 1 here

Here are some great 6-week plans from Mrs. St. Thomas.  Thank you!

6-Week Beginner 5K Training.docx 6-Week Beginner 5K Training.docx
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6-Week Intermediate 5K Training.docx 6-Week Intermediate 5K Training.docx
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6-Week Advanced 5K Training.docx 6-Week Advanced 5K Training.docx
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